About Melodie

I’m the Crone of the group. Luckily I have all the cool toys so they have to let me play.

I started creating clothes for my dolls when I was but a wee lass. Just wrapped fabric around my Barbies. I eventually learned to sew (badly) from books and Big 4 patterns. In college I took a sewing class to break up the chemistry and calculus. Hated the class, hated the teacher, but to this day I still find myself doing persnickety stuff I learned to do correctly there.

Through the years I learned more and more about sewing but still only sewed for Halloween and small repair work.

I had my sewing epiphany less than 10 years ago, when I found out about ‘wadders’. Some people wadded up failed sewing projects and threw them away. Wait, people who had failures just threw them away and tried again? You mean, I didn’t have to stare paralyzed at the failure for years. No joke, years! I still have a pencil skirt I started in 1982 that has never been hemmed. It has had time to go in and out of fashion…twice.

With my epiphany I’m not afraid of anything. Shoes? sure, let’s try it. Parasols… easy. Gather 432 ft of crinoline netting? Been there and done that.

I've created costumes from notes on a napkin, and drawings scribbled from a dream. I've embroidered gears on a skirt hem and fish on a parasol; I've even made tiny uniform patches for stuffed animals.

Show me your idea and let's create it together!


Melodie can be reached at melodielyn @ gmail . com (sans the spaces) NEW EMAIL!

Currently, I am only open for freelance digitizing- With a clean .jpg or drawing I can create a machine embroidery design for you to stitch out in your choice of file type. Or I can do the embroidery on your garment

I'm not taking on any new clients for full costumes or hats